”Is this real life?” Taylor Swift tweeted just after bringing Usher Raymond out to perform with her in Atlanta this past weekend. The very next night Taylor teamed up with T.I.—fresh out of federal lockdown—to perform “Live Your Life.” She called the experience “unreal.” She even tweeted a photo of her backstage guests: T.I., Nelly, and Young Jeezy. With her “Speak Now” tour continuing through November, who knows which other rappers she’ll be able to kick it with.

Though many expressed shock at the notion of Nashville’s sweetheart hanging with the Snowman and the King of The South, we weren’t the least bit surprised. On the low, Taylor has been slowly building up her rap credentials, hanging with rappers, covering their songs, and proclaiming her love for hip-hop every chance she gets.

Despite her love for the genre, when people think of Taylor and hip-hop they think the infamous VMA moment with her and Kanye West. Which is so not fair. Not to mention played out. Taylor thinks rap totally rocks, and we can prove it! Nonbelievers need to check out Taylor Swift’s Hip-Hop Moments.

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Written by Keenan Higgins (@HIGzILLMATIC)