Producer: Jim Jonsin/Wayne Wilkins/Rico Love/Beyoncé Knowles
Album: No Ceilings
Label: YMCM
Best Line: "Get gassed, then get at me, Texaco/Shoot yourself in the leg bitch, Plaxico."

Nicki played on the “Sweet Dreams” theme of this Beyoncé remix by throwing stray shots at rival femcees and laying all competition to rest. Where lesser rappers would be happy just catchng the beat, Nicki bobs and weaves like a champ, exploiting the pocket two different ways on one verse. In the beginning, she spits quick couplets—pausing slightly before each set. Then she flips into a more fluid rhyme scheme toward the end the verse. This lengthy mixtape feature proved that Nicki had skills galore, and by keeping her animation to a minimum, she made each dart that much more poignant.

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