Producer: J. DIlla

Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2

Label: Ice H20/EMI

Method Man: “We were on the road. This was when Chef and Ghost were approaching me about the Wu-Massacre album. It wasn’t even Wu-Massacre then. Rae just said, ‘Me, you, and Ghost should do an album together.’ My first words were, ‘Well, what’s everybody else going to think?’ I forgot what the answer was.

“Long story short, while I was on the road Chef needed the record done. I remember doing it in a hotel room. I sent it to Chef and he said it was fire. So I left it there. His first verse is different than the original one he had on there, and what I was doing was what he did on his first verse originally.

“I was trying to make it sound like a record so I copied the flow and everything that Rae did in his original verse. Then he changed his verse. [Laughs.] You know, usually they say when a nigga change his verse, he’s feeling like, ‘Nah, this nigga ain’t going to fucking get me on my own shit.’”