Asher Roth

Me and this yid have a lot in common. Both of us are circumcised, both of us went to Hebrew school, and both of us were discovered by Dante Ross, who personally has a penchant for Jews. Dante brought me to Sam Sever and Lyor Cohen, introduced me to Pete Nice so we could form 3rd Bass, and brought Asher to Steve Rifkin to get his yarmulke rolling.

Asher has done some great things musically, my personal favorite is the song with him and Keri Hilson. (“She Don’t Wanna Man” I’m sure that isn’t what a purist fan would declare a fave, any Jew boy with enough swag to stand next to Ms. Keri babay—and have her look at you like you could get it... That makes Asher Roth a bawse in my book.

Seriously, I think a lot of people write Asher off because of the frat-boy following he got due to the success of his first single, but don’t let the beer taste fool you. He’s a skilled emcee and I look forward to bumping his shit on my way to shul for many Saturdays to come.