Revolution #4. Shuffle > Radio

As fans downloaded more and more music, the shuffle feature on iTunes brought it all together. Hearing your favorite Bad Brains track right after your favorite Nas banger was no longer relegated to late-night college radio.

The resulting burst of sonic variety gave rise to a new generation of sample-based artists and DJs whose practices pushed the edges of legality, and shuffle-savvy listeners were more than ready to hear everything and anything together.

What the Bomb Squad did for Public Enemy with their intricately woven tapestries of samples, these remix artists did unofficially. DJ /rupture's genre-bending three-turnable mixtape Gold Teeth Thief was one of the first to hit the file-sharing world, launching his career and garnering a four star review in VIBE for the then-unknown artist.

Danger Mouse's Grey Album, mixing Jay-Z acapellas with chopped-up Beatles instrumentals, brought him to fame through file-sharing networks long before his Gnarls Barkley payday. Girltalk took the shuffle aesthetic to its logical extreme, building a whole career off his ADD-friendly mashups.