6.Geto Boys, We Can't Be Stopped (1991)

Photographer: Cliff Blodget
Label: Rap-A-Lot

The greatest photo document of '90s rap hysteria. After Bushwick Bill forced his girlfriend to shoot him in the face in a drunken standoff, Rap-A-Lot thought it wise to take a picture of him, alongside his Geto Boys partners, in the hospital that very night. On a gurney, bandages off and bloodied, Bill is still handling his business on his Zack Morris cell phone. Though Scarface is rarely a happy camper on album covers, his intense displeasure is not an act here.

In an interview with Vibe, he derided the picture's exploitative nature: "I strongly believe that what goes on in this house stays in this house. I didn't really want to put Bill out there like that. How many people have gotten their eye shot out and captured it on an album cover for everyone to remember? It's hard to wake up in the morning and deal with that one." Though the cover's taste is certainly questionable, the image is unforgettable.