Greg Kading was a Los Angeles Police Department Detective who was a part of the team that worked on the Tupac and Biggie murder investigations. Those cases still haven't been solved, but Greg wants to reveal some evidence that paints a shocking story, and he's planning to release it all in his self-published book Murder Rap.

Kading says that Keffe D, a member of the Crips, told cops that he was offerred a million dollars to kill Tupac and Death Row CEO Suge Knight. The gang member allegedly said that the murders were commissioned by none other than Sean Combs, now better known as Diddy.

Kading goes on to claim there is evidence that in retaliation for Pac's death, Suge Knight ordered a hit on Biggie. He cites a police report in his book, in which the mother of one of Suge's children admits to accepting money to set up the hit with another gang member.

All of the accused triggermen have since been killed in gang wars, and it's unclear how reliable any of the sources are, since some of them were cooperating in order to avoid legal trouble of their own.

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