Drake's stop by Hot 97 on Funkmaster Flex's show wasn't just to premiere his new single "Make Me Proud" with Nicki Minaj. He also took the time to sit down with Flex to address a booty-popping Serena Williams video, Lil Wayne's jab on "It's Good" and a Pusha T freestyle that was rumored to be taking shots at him.

Concerning the Weezy jab at Jay-Z, he explains that he's a soldier for Wayne and that the back and forth is just part of the sport. He says he's not involved in the situation considering Hov has been a mentor to him and Dwayne is like a brother to him.

As far as the Pusha T freestyle goes, he said he took no offense to the record, and every time he sees P, things are cordial. He also says that if Pusha wanted to diss him, he should do it more direct next time and that he's "ready for whatever." Take Care drops November 15.

[Miss Info]