Mister Cee, Best Of Biggie Smalls (1995)

DJ Drama: “Mister Cee was really heavy with the Best ofs—he did The Best of Biggie, The Best of Jay-Z, and The Best of Red & Meth. [When this dropped], Biggie had Ready To Die out but Biggie was doing so many songs that were just floating around. Before they put ‘Who Shot Ya?’ on the album, that song was on this mixtape. So was the joint he had with Akinyele and all of his collaborations were all on one tape.

“Up until that point, Best ofs were some shit you bought at Sam Goody. Mister Cee put it in the form of a mixtape and put everybody’s favorite artists at that moment all on one tape. It was a straight classic ride-out tape. Everybody had to have The Best of Biggie.”