Gucci Mane, The Movie (2008)/The Burrrprint: 3D (2009)

DJ Drama: “The Movie is the first time me and Gucci did a tape, and The Burrrprint is probably one of my favorites with Gucci. He’s another artist that when it comes to the mixtape game and to the South, [his mixtapes set off a] frenzy. Gucci had it on smash. He’s definitely a mixtape king.

“With The Movie, it was long overdue for us to work. It’s almost like he went to jail right when we finished that tape. The tape really didn’t hit right away like I was used to with tapes. But then, as time started passing, I really started to see the impact that it was having.

“Gucci had a strong fan base. I think when we hooked up and did that tape, and he was on a DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz mixtape, anybody who hadn’t checked for him was like, ‘OK, I need to really listen to this.’ I was really proud to see the heights that he got to in his career.”