The Hit Squad

Chi Modu: "You’re looking at Redman, K-Solo, EPMD, and Das EFX. That was the Hit Squad. Remember when they were bubbling? The Hit Squad was the crew to take out all crews. And then infighting had their reign end within a year. Within a year. They were a crew like we’ve never seen before, and then boom—they’re at war, hiding out with guns near their beds.

"It was the craziest thing. I went to K-Solo’s place in the Catskill Mountains for an interview. The guy was almost like in a fortress, armed and on guard with his family there. But on this day they were still together. They were down doing a Yo MTV Raps! shoot, and I was just tagging along.

"This photo also captures that Jersey thing of looking across the water. It’s the feeling of “the view from the other side.”

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