Chi Modu: "Eazy was always pretty cool. I met him the first time two or three years prior to this shoot. We met at Jerry Heller’s office—remember when Jerry Heller was running things with him? So we met out there. And he had the first V12 Benz I’ve ever seen in hip hop. That was the first S600. I remember it very well. Some people were still driving MPVs, so we hadn’t gotten to where we are today.

"We got along well when I met him, and then I had to go back out to shoot another magazine cover. That picture of Easy on the car, that issue of The Source is the one Biggie holds up in the “Juicy” video when he says his mom “smiles every time my face is up in The Source.”

"When I did that shoot, Eazy played a demo tape for me of this group from Cleveland. And he said, “What do you think?” I was like, Well—they’re a little sing-songy, you know, but they seem all right. He was like yeah, I think I wanna sign em. And I said well you know better than me. And it was Bone Thugz.

"I saw them a year later after Eazy E had passed, and I told Bone Thugz the story about how he played that demo for me. And now they’re like 10 times platinum. And that’s why I’m not an A&R [Laughs]."

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