Geto Boys

Chi Modu: "That photograph was taken in the 5th ward, which is the hood in Houston. They run that part of Houston. I wanted to do something kinda country, you know? So I was like, let’s go to the hood. And then we found that house and stood in front of it.

"When we were there, there’s a crowd behind me of about 90 people who are just moving with us as we walk around, cause they’re so happy to see their famous family members basically. It was the first time they’d actually gotten together. Cause they’d broken up for a while.

"Scarface doesn’t smile much. But him and I over the years are close—when we see each other—so that helps it a lot. But my approach, I don’t really become their friends—if you understand that, cause it’s a professional relationship. But there’s a respect so they like me, even if I’m not coming home for dinner. So I kinda keep it that way cause it allows me to do my job."

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