Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, & Kool Herc

Chi Modu: "This was a cover shoot for the 50th issue of The Source. At the time those guys weren’t really being celebrated. I’ll give credit to [editor-in-chief John] Schecter, that issue really mattered to him.

"It was interesting to see the three of them together, because they were actually quite humble. They were sort of grateful that people were remembering. A few years after that, some of that humility faded a little bit. There was some success coming in but also a bit of bitterness due to—I’m still struggling, like, “If I am the father of hip hop, why am I still struggling?” And you can understand that sentiment.

"I got to see some of that even when I was doing my shoot. I could sort of feel that, they’re not living like some of these other people I’m shooting, who they are the precursors for. But that’s the business. DiMaggio said the same thing, right?"