Date: November 2003

Most Ignorant Line: “You mad?"

What happened? Any rapper appearing on Fox News has the potential to get ignorant. But Cam'ron going on The O’Reilly Factor with Dame Dash, now that's just asking for trouble. Killa found himself in a debate with school principal Salome Thomas-El, moderated by Bill O’Reilly himself—the man who's lambasted hip hop artists and their corporate sponsors time and time again.

The discussion centered around Cam’s use of coarse language in his raps, with O’Reilly and principal Thomas-El urging Cam to take responsibility for his music's impact on children. Sensing that Dame was getting under O’Reilly’s skin, Cam birthed one of the greatest Internet memes ever, gleefully taunting: "You mad? You maaaad.”

Complex says: This was presumably the first and last time Bill O’Reilly would be referred to as “Doggy.” Cam’s argument might have been suspect, but his nonchalant irritation of Fox News' resident blowhard became the stuff of legend, going down in history as one of the few times where O’Reily was unable to bully his guest into submission. It also lead to what may be hip-hop's greatest GIF. All in all, Cam and Dame made for the best episode of the The O’Reilly Factor ever.