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A simple tweet can start a lot of drama. Earlier this month, Odd Future's Hodgy Beats sent a message out to his Twitter followers that said "Asap copy." Immediately, rumors of disses and imminent beef started swirling. AllHipHop caught up with ASAP to get his take on things.

The "Purple Swag" Harlemite stays completely level-headed about things, and insists that he has no issues with Odd Future. In fact, he even admits, "I like them niggas. I ain't no hater." He explains that Tyler, The Creator has already given him props, and that Hodgy Beats and Left Brain are the only ones responsible for the questionable comments. When he sees them, he's going to see what's up and take it from there, but he doesn't want things to get violent.

"I don't promote violence 'cause I've never been a tough guy. I'm not a tough guy. I've never even been a fighter. I'd be lying to you if I told you I was a fighter," he explains, before adding, "but I will smack the shit out of somebody who play with me."

Still, it seems like ASAP Rocky is a genuine fan of Odd Future and what they're doing, and he doesn't want a couple of comments and rumors to turn into a problem.