Just say “No!”

Role Model: Eminem

What happened? Before Fab suggested that Ray was “on that ‘Whitney’” rumors were already swirling around the industry regarding the health-state of Brandy’s lil’ brother. Back in 2008, TMZ reported the R&B heartthrob being kicked out of the Hyatt Regency in Washington D.C. after being caught with PCP.

Though he has issued a statement denying the allegations, no one with a heart wants to see Ray (or anyone else for that matter) succumb to the addictive lure of angel dust. If Ray was on drugs, we’re definitely not expecting him to admit it, so we suggest he hook up with someone who can at least tell him about the dangers of tap dancing with the devil. Who better than Eminem?

In 2009, the Relapse rapper admitted to battling a addiction to prescription drugs and almost overdosing on methadone. Elton John stepped up to help support Em as he kicked the habit. Time to pay it forward.

Complex says: Because some of the best substance abuse counselors were former addicts themselves, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume Marshall Mathers could kick some serious knowledge to Willie Ray Norwood Jr. And Em could certainly help with Ray J’s other recovery—not just physically (if that’s the issue), but artistically as well.