If anyone knows about what happens when keeping it real goes wrong, it’s Ray J. Ever since his air-jab fight with Fabolous last month at the Palms Casino, the “One Wish” singer has been laying ultra-low.

Following that infamous scuffle, Ray made matters worse by calling into Power 105’s Breakfast Club to tell his version of what went down with Fab. But instead of an explanation, listeners got pure comedy at its finest:

“He can’t joke on me. I let that nigga borrow my Lamborghini for his video in L.A., that’s my word. I let him borrow my Lamborghini; I let him drop my top…he can have that shit, that’s old. I got three new Rolls-Royce’s outside! I got an indoor basketball court and an outdoor basketball court!”

By nightfall, Fabolous reluctantly called DJ Clue’s radio show on the same station to explain his side of the story. After the interviews, the downward spiral for Ray J came quicker than a T.I. arrest.

Instead of solidifying his gangsta as a bonafide R&B thug, Ray wound up as a trending topic on Twitter with the hashtag “thingstougherthanrayj.”

He’s since tried to save face by tweeting an apology and baring his soul to TMZ. “I’m not proud of nothing that happened out here,” he said. 

Even though Ray’s been quiet as a hooker in church ever since, we here at Complex can’t just sit back and watch the lil’ homie go out like that. So we’ve decided to help him out with some role models to study for tips on how to get his dignity back.

Written Linda Hobbs (@linnyloveslin)