Tunechi fans have been taking a great amount of L's this week. Just a few days ago, a fan bum-rushed the stage during a Lil Wayne show in Denver and ended up receiving a spear by security Bill Goldberg style. Last night's incident wasn't any better.

During "Nightmares of the Bottom" yesterday in Omaha, NB, Wayne told a screaming fan to "shut the fuck up" for blaring out during his acappella session. Towards the 2:35 mark, Wayne went on to explain how disrespectful the screaming fan was. He then continued wishing that the fan would "never buy another one of my albums again in your life."

Wayne even went as far as saying he didn't want that person as a fan anymore and wanted security to remove them from the show. And to think screaming during a live show was a good gesture.

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