Producer: J. Cole

J. Cole: “‘Cole World,’ something I made at my house. A lot of my best songs, I start with something that I feel like I’m about to just throw out. I’ll be like, ‘Man, I want to make a song that I’ma throw out to the world today.’ ‘Cole World’ is like that, ‘God’s Gift’ too. A lot of people are going to be surprised that that’s my beat. Every time I play that for somebody, it’s the same reaction, ‘What the fuck?!’ It’s one of those.

“I felt incredible that day. That whole day was fun. I was in the crib by myself for six hours just making a beat, dancing to the beat, rapping to the beat, recording, walking around the house making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the TV on. I just had fun that day and I think it’s reflected in that song. You can tell. [The lyrics had to do with] nothing, it was stunt-tastic rap.”