5. The Notorious B.I.G. Apologized To Kandi of Xscape & Patti LaBelle For "Dreams" 

Date: March 1999
What Happened: On his X-rated classic “Dreams,” Biggie indulges some freaky R&B fantasies, and throws a few shots in the direction of R&B group Xscape saying, “I’ll fuck Rupaul before I fuck them ugly-ass Xscape bitches.” Patti LaBelle was also mentioned in the song—“I’d probably go to jail for fucking Patti LaBelle.” Biggie rapped. The legendary singer wasted no time calling him up to call him out for his lyrics: “He apologized. I just said ‘Well you know brother, you really can’t see me that way.’”

Years later, Xscape singer Kandi revealed that on the night of his death, Biggie extended an apology to Xscape during a Soul Train Awards after party in Los Angeles. Kandi said she regrets not accepting his apology.

Complex Says: Big's convo with Patti LaBelle must have been awkward, but he also rapped about getting it in with the virgin Mary and dumping her body in a sewer. Wonder how he straightened things out at the pearly gates?