8. Pimp C Apologizes To Atlanta

Date: August 2007
What Happened: In a July 2007 Ozone interview, Pimp C made a stunning suggestion: “Atlanta is not the South, Goddamn it...Atlanta is on East coast time. You niggas ain’t in the South. And all you old bitch-ass niggas talking about “crunk,” you niggas ain’t do nothing but take Three 6 Mafia’s style and renamed it.”

The very nexy month, Pimp C pumped his brakes and issued an apology: "To all my Atlanta fans & friends, I want to say I apologize for my statement in Ozone magazine about Atlanta not being the South!! That was a bull**** statement!! Atlanta is and has always been the dirty mthfkn South!!!!! Chuuch!! But the rest of what I said, about them p***y a** niggaz is and will always be the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Complex Says: If someone can point to a map and destroy your entire argument, it's probably not a battle worth fighting. It's hard to argue with geography. Word to Sarah "I can see Russia from my house" Palin.