Producer: Timbaland
Album: Nastradamus
Label: Ill Will/Columbia
Best Youtube Comment: "What is this song about? owe him because hes black?" - DoItSoICanDoIt1st

Complex Says: As Jay-Z so aptly pointed out on "Blueprint 2," Nas's complexities as a person sometimes make him a walking contradiction. Throughout his career he's struggled with toeing the line between righteousness and hedonism, but “You Owe Me” was perhaps his most confusing message ever.

It's one thing to be unapologetically misogynistic, but why exactly does Nas feel a woman should have sex with him just because he let her rock his ice? And does he really need to use his jewelry to pull chicks? And all this coming from the same guy who made “Black Girl Lost”! With R&B heartthrob Ginuwine on the hook, the song was a blatant crossover move.

Produced by Timbaland—who was on fire at the time—"You Owe Me" proved that Nas wasn't built to rhyme over trendy beats. Though it did get some radio spins, this song became Exhibit A in hip hop heads' argument that Nas had lost his mojo.