Producer: L.E.S., Herb "Staff" Middleton
Album: Street's Disciple
Label: Sony
Best Youtube Comment: "smooth joint i bumped ...when going for custody hearings for my kids ... str8 upliftment" - dpmbstr1

Complex Says: “Me & You” showed us Nas's vulnerable side as the rapper turned singer. Destiny, his daughter by ex-girlfriend Carmen Bryan, was seven years old at the time, and Nas recorded this song as a heartfelt dedication to her. But for all its sentimental value, the finished product was lackluster at best, and uncomfortably similar to “Hailie's Song,” released by Eminem a few years prior.

Although unoriginal, the idea wasn't terrible—but the execution left much to be desired. Nas's singing voice isn't strong enough to carry the song. After Jay-Z left condoms in her baby seat and Cam'Ron threatened to give her the R. Kelly treatment, hasn't the poor girl suffered enough?