After we celebrated Esco's earthday yesterday by publishing a list of The 10 Worst Nas Songs, some of you Nas Stans tried to put Complex to the test. You didn't think we'd have the balls to run a worst Jay-Z songs list. But the fact is we actually listed Jay's worst songs back in September 2009 (you can peep it in Google Cache here), but our site has been updated since then and that post got lost in the shuffle.

The truth is, we love both Jay-Z and Nas equally... enough to tell them when they suck. We recently counted down Jay's 100 best songs (just like we counted down Nas' 100 best songs, mind you) but hey, nobody's perfect.

From head-scratching pop collabos to out-of-touch concepts, Jay-Z has definitely put out some songs that were just horrible. We sifted through all the stinkers to bring you The 10 Worst Jay-Z Songs. So get your mind right and click through our picks of the most regrettable listens in Hov’s catalog.

Written by Julian Pereira (@Broadway_Jay).