Date: November 2006

Best line: “If I don’t win, the award show loses credibility.”

Complex says: More than just a rapper or musician, Kanye has always fancied himself a complete artist. Throughout his career he’s taken great pride in his attention to detail, particularly when it comes to his music videos.

When his video for “Touch The Sky” lost to Justice vs. Simeon’s “We Are Your Friends,” Yeezy crashed the stage and made his argument as to why his video should have won. Obviously a little tipsy off that “sippy sippy,” he cited the fact that it cost a million dollars to make and that Pamela Anderson made a cameo.

Justice vs. Simeon seemed to be good sports about it, and the rapper made sure they realized it was nothing personal by saying, “It’s nothing against you. I’ve never seen your video.” Still, Kanye felt he deserved that hardware and wasn’t going to lose quietly. The thing about this rant was (as great as it was) it probably gave Yeezy the impression he could run up on stage at MTV award shows, something that would backfire on him later.

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