Date: June 2011

Best line: “They won’t let real artists be artists. They want some commercialized yes-men sitting in their motherfucking seat letting the bullshit go down year after year after year.”

Complex says: One of the only speed-bumps Kanye experienced following the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was the reception of the music video for “Monster.” Where Kanye deemed it artistic, MTV banned the video for having naked women appear to be dead.

Debate centered around whether the video was artistic or blatantly misogynistic. Kanye took time at Milwaukee’s Summerfest to defend his artistic expression and he thanked any fan who ever defended him.

More often than not, and in this particular instance, Kanye defends the right to create and interpret art and condemns the judging of its message and/or bashing of it’s maker in disagreement. As usual, Kanye was letting out his frustration.