Date: August 2011

Best line: “Once again I wake up, and I’m a monster. I walk through the hotel, or I walk down the street, and people look at me like I’m fucking insane—like I’m Hitler.”

Complex says: Once again discussing the fallout from his “Monster” music video, Kanye explained that he was inspired by the work of Helmut Newton. Before talking about being both lonely and tired but still unwilling to be phony or fake, 'Ye defended his art by saying that being a rapper worked against him because people didn’t believe he would have the artistic sensibilities to create such a work without misogynistic motives. He might sound paranoid but we couldn't help but agree with Yeezy. We always wondered if the criticism against him was because he was genuinely wrong (which he rarely was) or if some people just didn't like the idea of a black rapper being as outspoken as he was.