Dr. Octagon, Dr. Octagonecologyst (1996)

Label: Dreamworks / Geffen / MCA Records

Kreayshawn: “Kool Keith is one of my favorite rappers, period. Kool Keith or Dr. Octagon or whatever you want to call him—he’s got all his aliases popping off—but I just love his album and how he gets into a whole different character. He’s a rapping gynecologist! How you gonna rap all those medical terms? He probably went to medical school in a past life.

I was in the 4th grade and I went into the CD store by myself and bough Kool Keith’s Sex Style album.

“Maybe I’m was a weird child or something but I got the Kool Keith album when I was hella young. I was in the 4th grade and I went into the CD store by myself and bought it. I remember them asking me, ‘Are you sure you want this?’ because I got his Sex Style album and the cover of it is just crazy. They were so shocked, but it’s San Francisco—they don’t give a fuck. They were like, ‘You sure you want this?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah.’

“[I discovered Kool Keith through] my mom. She always would be listening to the craziest stuff. Her friends would leave tapes at the house and I would listen to them. Back then, the radio, CDs, and tapes is what you did to listen to music. Now you have computers, so you’re doing a million other things while listening to music. But back in the day, all I would do is stare at a wall with my headphones on, listening.”