This week, Complex debuted our new cover with Internet sensation Kreayshawn. In our cover story, the “Gucci Gucci” rapper talked about all sorts of bad behavior, from riding dirty with cocaine in the trunk to getting expelled from school for threatening to throw a watermelon at somebody. She even took shots at Game for dissing her on “Uncle Otis.” But one thing she didn’t get to talk about much was music.

We’re always interested in what tunes our favorite artists listen to. And Kreayshawn is such a unique artist, whether you love her or hate her, we know you’re curious what this chick is listening to. She agreed to list her favorite albums for us, but refused to rank them. “When I listen to music, it’s usually the soundtrack for my life at that point,” she explains. “Everything is represented by time.” So we kept it basic, and listed the albums in chronological order.

Her list is incredibly diverse, ranging from hyphy to pop to R&B and everything in between. But even more interesting than the selections are the stories that go with them. She told us about how she discovered Kool Keith from her mom in 4th grade, how she cried when Aaliyah died, and about partaking in the thizzlamic wave. That shit Kreay!

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)