Lil Wayne & Lloyd, Long Hair, Don’t Care

Release date: As Soon As Lloyd's Hair Grows Out Again

Possible single: "Like A Nava-Hoe"

Likelihood of release: 7%

Complex says: Years ago—like around the time of his smash “You”—Lloyd was kinda the shit. In fact, at one point we were convinced he was going to sign to YMCMB after he killed the hook on Young Money’s “Bedrock.” But then he had to go cut his luscious locks and get that stupid crop-circle looking fade and ruin everything!

In order to get his career popping again, Lloyd will agree to grow out his hair again and do an album with Weezy F. Baby (the F is for Frizzy). Of course, it’ll take years to grow back all that hair so to speed things up, Lloyd can just get a weave.