I’m going to go with MM, because of the tour guide. She kind of leads you from one song into the next, and says things that tip you off about where you’re going in the next song, like, “Did you know that the rate of A.I.D.S. in the Black & Hispanic community is rising at an alarming rate. Education is the proper means for slowing it down."

The tour guide sounds like a computer—somebody called her the “Hip-Hop HAL” after that talking computer in the movie 2001. But she was a real person and they digitized her voice. I tried to interview her for Beats Rhymes & Life, but we couldn’t find her. I think she was the secretary who worked at Jive, and the guys just liked her voice.

The tour guide was a secretary who worked at Jive, and the guys just liked her voice.

Those interludes were so unique and they made the whole album more cohesive. It’s one piece. That album is like Bitches Brew or A Love Supreme. It has different movements and sweeps to it.

As far as TLET, I know this is like sacrilegious to say, but if I was going to fast forward any songs, “The Infamous Date Rape” and “Everything Is Fair” are two songs that I remember fast forwarding. (I don’t want to cause a riot by saying that.) I wouldn’t put them on my Best Of playlist. But every song on MM I’d put on a Best Of Tribe.

Advantage: Midnight Marauders

The Low End Theory: 3 | Midnight Marauders: 4