The bottom-line statement for why I would pick MM over TLET is, for me, that album is one unified entire piece. As cohesive and excellent as TLET is, every single song, every single moment, every single breath of MM is perfection. It is complete cohesion. Tribe reached their artistic pinnacle on that album.

The fact that they took it to the next level, and the fact that they had done it three times at that point... because I would put their first album, PITR, up there too. It’s like they three-peated. What it takes to do that, I have to go with Midnight Marauders. To raise the bar each time, to flip it each time, to grow and evolve each time, but to maintain the core of what made Tribe so great, that is no small feat. And that is why Midnight Maraudersis A Tribe Called Quest’s best album. End of discussion.

Advantage: Midnight Marauders

The Low End Theory: 4.5 | Midnight Marauders: 6.5

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