Enigmatic R&B sensation The Weeknd was all set for a big U.S. debut performance. It was supposed to go down next Thursday night, with appearances from other artists like A-Trak and The Black Lips to help support. Looks like it's not going down as expected. In a recent interview with The New York Observer, the singer's friend and OVOXO associate Drake mentions that the show is pushed back. I guess we Americans will have to wait to see Abel in action.

DRAKE: I have to work at night, and then I end up staying up longer in the afternoon.

NYO: It’s a shame that you have to leave, your buddy The Weeknd is going to be playing his first US show next week.

DRAKE: Actually, no he’s not, it got cancelled. It’s pushed back.

NYO: Oh really? I was going to go, I thought it was next week.

DRAKE: I think they’re rescheduling for the end of the month. I wouldn’t miss that for the world.

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