Although Game has already voiced his opinion on Jay-Z in the recent past, his criticism of Hov hasn't stopped. While at Hot 93.7 with Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Craig G, the crew asked Game what he thought of Watch The Throne and he responded with a seven out of ten rating, giving six points to Kanye alone. He followed up with another shot at Jay, saying he was infertile and that Beyonce wasn't pregnant.

The self-proclaimed "Bi-Polar Bear" did, however, praise the Swizz Beatz produced "Welcome To The Jungle" track as well as the Frank Ocean features, even asking Craig G to run a track back after it played. 

In regards to his own album, he jokingly mentions it will sound like the first Lil Zane album, and gives his opinion on the best records from the project. The R.E.D. Album drops August 23.