Sen Dog: "'Phunky Feel One' was created in Muggs apartment in Hollywood. Muggs would sit there in that apartment and make beats all day. And when B and I would get there, he would have cassettes of music waiting for us.

"We heard the track in the apartment and that's when we started working there. B-Real's opening lyric is, 'Well I'm the real one, yes the funky feel one.' So we were like, 'We gotta use that.' It wasn't hard to figure out the hook after that line.

"Our thing was we had a producer in Muggs that made everything funky and we wanted to capitalize on that. And during the break in the song, that was really funky, and along with the funky feel you got after you smoked a joint, it was that kind of vibe. To be, it was what the band would be about. I guess the whole funky vibe. The whole funky Cypress Hill shit that started taking form there.

"One recording place we went to a lot back in those days was Paramount Recording and I think it was on Santa Monica Blvd. They were little studios that weren't highly expensive. It was mostly heavy metal people and hip hop people there. I think that's when we first put that song down on 2-inch reel back then. I'm pretty sure that's where 'The Phuncky Feel One' went down."