B-Real: "That was one of the first five songs that came out the box. It was actually comprised from three different songs that had lines that Muggs liked in each song. Muggs came up with the beat and he said, 'Man, say that one line from this song on this song.' So I started saying it. Then he said, "Okay, now put the verse from this other song after that." So we pretty much pieced it together like a puzzle.

"[The little 'All I wanted was a Pepsi!' vocal sample at the end] was off a Suicidal Tendencies record. We didn't end up sampling the record. What we did was we had one of our boy, Dante Areola, who actually created the logo for Cypress Hill, say it at the end so we didn't have to deal with sample clearance.

"Muggs had a little pre-production lab in his apartment so we did all our demos there and we'd be smoking out as usual. He had an apartment out here in Hollywood. He lived with DJ Aladdin of Low Profile. WC, Coolio, Aladdin, and Crazy Tunes were in one bedroom doing the Low Profile album while Muggs, Sen Dog, and myself were in another room doing demos for Cypress Hill. So it was a pretty trippy time.

"We were real close with those guys. The Funkdoobiest guys were originally from our camp. So it was all of us and them together in one apartment partying out, going over songs, and watching Muggs and Aladdin practice their DJ battle moves. And then Prince Whipper Whip and Grandmaster Caz and those guys from the old school days lived in the same apartment structure. We would see them and blaze up with them. Ice-T every now and then would show up.

"Eventually when we got in the studio, it was the same thing. Only we were a little bit more selective because we didn't want to be wasting time and money on shit we didn't like. So whatever we liked from Muggs' bedroom, that's what we took to the studio and eventually laid.

"[The videos for] 'Kill A Man' and 'Hand On The Pump' were filmed back to back in New York because we were on tour with Naughty By Nature and we started to get a lot of momentum with 'Kill A Man,' so Sony pulled us off the tour for two days to go film that video. We broke in New York first. No one knew we were from L.A.

"We were called Cypress Hill and there's no place in L.A. called Cypress Hill. I mean, there's Cypress Ave, Cypress City, and shit like that. What was synonymous with our name was Cypress Hill, New York. So a lot of people thought we came from there. Plus Muggs was from Flushing, Queens. So, musically we had an East Coast flavor on the beat so people had it confused."

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