B-Real: "All of our shit started in Muggs' bedroom man. There was probably one song that was created outside of that environment once we got our record deal. Maybe it was 'Hole In The Head' and 'Latin Lingo,' those were the two last songs that we recorded for that first album. And those were the only two that were created in a studio and not in Muggs' bedroom.

"We were pretty much all together all the time. He'd either be saying, 'Hey you should fuck with this.' Or we'd hear something where we'd be like, 'Hey let's fuck with that.' We always threw ideas at each other. Really, he was the one for the vision for the music and how he wanted those tracks to sound. We'd just pick the ones we liked.

"'Hand On The Pump' was a co-write. My man Brett Bouldin from 7A3 had the original concept. Him and I started writing the song together. The beat came first, then the chorus, and then we wrote the rhymes around the structure of the chorus. We wouldn't cut any vocals until we got to the actual studio.

"[Muggs] would finish it at home, get it to where he wanted it, and then if he felt like he needed to add anything after he would add it after we do the vocals. Every session we all did it together, we were always together. Hanging out and throwing ideas at each other. Smoking and drinking and trying to create a vibe. So pretty much every track went down like that."