Label: MCA Records
Worst Song: "What's On Your Mind"


We know, we know. How can we include an album that produced tracks like "Know The Ledge" and "Don't Sweat The Technique" on this list? Well, first of all "Know The Ledge" was on the Juice Soundtrack and then tacked on to this LP. Second, call us crazy—or maybe just spoiled—but after 1987's Paid In Full, 1988's Follow The Leader, and 1990's Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em, this album fell just short of living up to the duo's usual standard. For the first time in his career, Rakim sounded like he was struggling to keep up with the crowd and the album's subject matter—the War in Iraq on "Casualties of War"?—wasn't on par with what we'd come to expect. No surprise that shortly after the release of this album, the duo split up.