First and foremost, congratulations to everyone on this list. We mean that sincerely because every single artist who is on this list is here because they’re great, not because they suck. Don’t get it twisted, this is not a list of the worst rap albums ever (We see you K-Fed!). This is a list of when great rappers make terrible fucking albums.

Take a look through the discography of just about any great rapper and you're bound to find at least one album that just doesn't belong. It's the black sheep of the bunch (word to Black Sheep who, just in case you were wondering, do appear on this list!) and the one album that makes us wonder what in the world some of our favorite MCs of all-time were thinking. From LL Cool J and Rakim to Jay-Z and Nas, these are The 50 Worst Rap Album Fails.

Written by Chris Yuscavage (@ChrisYuscavage).