Producer: RZA/RZA
Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Label: Loud
Wu-Tang Clan "7th Chamber"
Wu-Tang Clan "7th Chamber Part II"
Skits always were an integral part of the Wu-Tang arsenal. More like slices of their daily lives, these compelling and often amusing audio peepshows showcased the lively personalities of the Clan folk. Take the "Yo, Meth where my Killer tape at?" from the start of "Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber." The argument between Rae and Meth over the missing John Woo film (obviously the Chef needed it for the upcoming OB4CL) is interrupted by the sudden news that Shymeek from 212 just got bust in his head.

When asked if he's dead, Ghost memorably bursts out, "Is he fuckin' dead? What the fuck you mean is he fuckin' dead?" sounding like a Stapleton projects version of Goodfellas. Commencing with a hearty "Good morning, Vietnam," as inspired by the Robin Williams flick of the same name, the brolic remix is a resurrection that's even meaner, with evil fuzzbox vibrations and phantasmic "ooohhh" chants. The awesome usage of chop-socky sound effects over a bare-bones beat is pure hardcore rap, no holds barred.