Producer: RZA
Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
Label: Loud

The expansive use of The Killer throughout OB4CL provides not only a theme for the album (Rae and Ghost's characters are going to make one last run on the streets, just like Chow Yun Fat's assassin is going to do one last hit), but delivers some humorous moments at the start of "Wu-Gambinos" as well. Instead of sampling the film to create another interlude, Rae and fam are sitting at the crib actually watching The Killer during a well-executed skit. Ghost chastising the guest who's put his feet on his mother's glass table is priceless—it just comes out of nowhere.

The roll call of Wu aliases is a reminder of how influential the unit was, as having an alias became common practice in hip-hop afterwards. As for the song itself, it's another unified beatdown, with each MC displaying a distinct style over a marching beat as the Clan rallies around Method Man's cry of "I call my brother sun because he shine like one."