Producer: RZA
Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
Label: Loud

"I keep 'em looking good and pretty and all that, you know? But no dough… When I get a bitch, I got a bitch." That cold passage is from the '70s blaxploitation movie The Mack and is spoken by the gentleman of leisure Pretty Tony (played by Dick Williams). That name is familiar, of course, for being one of Ghost's aliases (Pretty Toney, not Dick Williams). Channeling the spirit of his cinematic alter ego, our Antonio jumps into the how-to-pick-up-chicks manifesto "Wisdom Body."

Not surprisingly, Ghost is talking just like a pimp: "Ayo peep it/I know you love Victoria's Secret/And lovin' all the marvelous slang on how I freaked it/Plus, see you're the type to make a nigga crash, far from trash/Your flesh's way softer than a baby's ass." The only thing missing from this otherwise excellent sex doctrine is the sound of panties droppin'.