Producer: Easy Mo Bee
Album: Ready to Die
Label: Bad Boy

Regardless of any beef that might have existed between Biggie and the Wu's Raekwon and Ghostface while the Brooklyn rapper was still alive, it was all love between B.I.G. and Method Man. "The What" is on the same level with Big and Jay-Z's "Brooklyn's Finest," a "can't lose" collaboration between rap titans in which both rappers are at their peak. Verse two consists of the MCs trading lines, unloading a can of ass-whippin' over Easy Mo Bee's grimy production. Big: "Deep like the mind of Farrakhan/A motherfuckin' rap phenomenon/Plus..." Meth: "I got more Tecs than you." Big: "I make it hot." Meth: "Niggas won't even stand next to you." This pair of rap superstars stand tall on this one.