Producer: RZA
Album: Bulletproof Wallets 12" Promo
Label: Epic

On the tracklist of Bulletproof Wallets, but not included on the official album, "The Sun" features a special guest appearance by Slick Rick, who still shines after all these years. Starks claimed in an interview with XXL that RZA got high and couldn't find the original record with the sample on it, so they couldn't clear "The Sun" in time. This lost treasure has what just may be Raekwon's most straightforward and easy-to-understand verse (peep the talk about his little nephew). Ghost is on the bugged-out tip talking about the shining orb we can't live without ("You can't stare at him long because your face will do like this") before getting a little educational: "I see yellow and green, it's a beautiful thing/The sky's blue 'cause the sun hit the water like 'bing'/A reflection, and that's all it is."