Producer: True Master
Album: Wu-Tang Forever
Label: Loud

Nearly 20 years later, boxing fans are still in disagreement over the outcome of the welterweight mega-fight between Julio Cesar Chavez and Pernell Whitaker on September 10, 1993. But no matter what one thinks of the judges' scores or the fight itself, the unanimous decision is that "The M.G.M." is a knockout.

Chronicling the heavily hyped fight (as well as the goings-on in the star-studded crowd that night), Raekwon and Ghostface participate in a serious bout of people watching, pointing out the six dudes who walk in flashing gems, the "two Japanese birds with furs (look good, kid)," and the guy with the gun bulgin' out his sweatpants ("Look like my cousin Lance," remarks Rae).

Of course, when these two wordsmiths are on the scene, the slang can't be far behind, and Ghost doesn't disappoint with his "smash the Gilligan boat with ice" line. Toward the end, Rae and GFK provide alternating play-by-play, Rae going first: "10th round, Chavez tearin' 'em down/Sweet Pea get your shit off/It's like Blacks against the Germans/Gettin' hit off!" True Master presents the right ambience, creating a showy, big, Las Vegas–event feel for this two-minute bout.