Producer: True Master
Album: Tical 2000: Judgement Day
Label: Def Jam

Don't let the title fool you: "Sweet Love" dips into raunchiness with explicit erotic thoughts from this trio of filthy-minded, foul-mouthed rap Lotharios. Streetlife spits first, talking about getting ass in the whip and not crashing it. Cappadonna shoots straight as he admits to his dream lady, "But like, sex was on my mind like cum was in my pants." Johnny Blaze wraps things up with his bedroom lingo: "Pullin' hair and talkin' trash/'How you like it, slow or fast?'/She said, 'I like it when it last'/No doubt, you got the best trout there can be/Not an everyday, average Chicken of the Sea/Candidate for H.I.V./You'd rather deal with monogamy/Queen to be held, Black Mahogany." These horny hip-hop bastards tear up the stuttering track.