Producer: RZA
Album: Wu-Tang Forever International Release
Label: Loud

On "Sunshower," Bobby Digital digs into the memory banks to talk about the Wu formation: "While others play ball, I recall/Me and GZA and Dirty hangin' in halls/Bangin' on walls/Kickin' rhymes three hours straight with no pause/Boostin' from Freeport sunrise to Amityville malls/Kept razor blade between the jaws/Breakin' all laws/Started out writin' fables to makin' beats on lunchroom tables/To wearin' long cables that hung down to the navel/Sold packs of crack and fat sacks of skunk/To bundles of P-funk, smokin' woola blunts/Dust cocktails and Primos, shot more dice than casinos/Back when Wu-Gambinos were called F.O.I. MCs/All In Together Now Crew, B.C.C./Rec Posse, G.P., D.M.D./Ol' Dirty stalked East New York, GZA maintained in Franklin Lane/I was going to Thomas and Jeff, where students got slain/Old Earth got nervous, brought me to Shaolin sent me to Curtis/Took share time in McKee with U-God general contracting service/While Meth, Chef, and Deck was off to New Dorp/With white boys who took steroids/Buildin' up bicep, tricep, pectoids, and deltoids/Back when our girlfriends was virgins/Cuttin' class with Ghost tryin' to bag hoes in Mary Burcham."

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