Producer: True Master
Album: The Pillage
Label: Razor Sharp/Epic Street

After blazing his guest spots on OB4CL, Ironman, and other assorted Wu joints, Cappadonna showed he could shine on his own as well with "Slang Editorial." Deeming himself a "writing wizard" and a "talk boss," he opens by declaring, "I came to the fork in the road and went straight/Right out the crack vile to the Golden Gate." 'Donna wasn't gonna let the opportunity pass him by, flipping more of the peculiar vernacular that got him noticed in the first place. "Protect my soul when the devil tried to get it/Seen my goal and stuck with it/Ever since a kid, early in a bid/Doin' things you never did," he flows, backed by the killer horns sprayed all over the True Master track. Cappa slays "Slang Editorial." Period. End of story.

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