Producer: Lewis Parker
Album: Fishscale
Label: Def Jam

Years after "260," Ghostface is pulling another heist. His partner this time around is "Frank," and they're hitting an Uptown stash spot. No detail is too small as Starks recounts everything leading up to and during the juks. He relays how he's eating "fish from 125th," "hitting baseball spliffs," and getting tartar sauce on his S. Dot kicks.

'Face knows his victims he's about to rob, so he breaks things down for Frank: "See that lady with the shopping cart?/She keep a shottie cocked in the hallway/'Damn, she look pretty old, Ghost'/ She work for Kevin, she about 77/She paid her dues when she smoked his brother-in-law at his boss' wedding." The rest of the story is fun as fuck—no need to give away spoilers. Just look out for the pit with shark teeth, the dudes watching Sanford and Son, and the bullets bouncing off the Frigidaire.

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